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We provide digital marketing services in Florida for Insurance Agencies, Agents, Attorneys, Medical Practices, and more. By working with our team of professionals, establishing a strong online presence and gaining leads has never been easier.

Our Services

Brand Design & Strategy

Your brand is your identity. We help you develop a recognizable identity to match your target market to accelerate your growth.

Social Media Management

Showcase your brand with out services. We can develop and schedule your posts, from graphics to copy, so that you can greatly improve your online presence.

Website Development

We create the perfect website for your business – one that is beautiful and functional. We also do auditing services to help maintain your existing site.

Google / FB Ads

We help you gain leads through Google and Facebook Ads, targeting specific audiences. We build strategies for both to maximize your success!


Writing is an art, so we paint your content in a way that invokes attention and action from your target audience. We’ll develop your content and optimize!


We ensure your site is fully SEO compliant and help you build domain authority with Google. Gain organic traffic and make your way to the top of the rankings.


In this day and age, podcasts are all the rage. What if you could gain leads as they commute to work? Let us help you launch your podcast and attract leads!

Email Marketing

We help develop email campaigns to stay ahead of your customers and prospects. From asset creation to customer journeys, we’ll craft the perfect campaign.

The Kingdom Process

Every business is different. In our Free Consultation Call, we assess where you’re at and prepare a proper plan of action that would help accomplish your marketing goals and expand your reach. 


Improve Business Processes

We don’t just provide you with the Marketing Deliverables. We find as we work with our clients that some of their existing business processes get improved with our expertise to further grow their business.

Long-term Strategies
It’s not enough to simply run ads on peak seasons. Competitors are doing that too! We focus on a long-term approach where we implement proper SEO and Social Media Management strategy to ensure that we don’t just spike in leads, but have sustainable lead generation for years to come.
We Care About You and Your Business

When we begin working with you, we’re not thinking about working for just one year. We’re visionaries that desire to build long-term relationships with our clients. We go the extra mile to ensure your success.


Kingdom Marketing Associates, serving as our General Agency, has been a tremendous and worthwhile partnership. Starting as a small family agency can feel like you are in a vast industry by yourself, even if you have over 25 years in the industry as an independent. Kingdom Marketing Associates helped us obtain general agency contracts with large and small carriers who do not deal with small agencies directly. They also put an emphasis on marketing strategies with growth as the goal.

More importantly, is their values of integrity and fairness to agencies and consumers; therefore, we give them five (5) stars.

Gwen Bennett

President CEO, The Phoenix Associates Group, LLC

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