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Too many marketing companies today get you into contracts that limit your capabilities. With Kingdom Marketing Associates, you can trust that you’ll receive the results you want, and not be locked in to a lifetime contract that gatekeeps you from operating as a free business.


We determine what is needed to best communicate your brand’s message to your target audience. Our team of creative professionals work to develop the resources that you need to grow your brand.


Ready to bring new leads into your insurance office? We offer a slew of marketing services to get your brand in front of the people that need it. From Ads to Social Media Management, we do it all.


Don’t get caught with a poor looking website. First impression is key! Wow your visitors with a personalized website from us. We’ll set you up with your SEO too so you can gain free traffic.

Looking for a Marketing Agency that cares?

Our Toolbelt

Your Online Presence

Personalized Website

We create a professional insurance website hand-crafted for your brand. Establish your online presence and bring in clients. We ensure that you’re equipped with the right tools to highlight your services and make the sale. Don’t settle for a templated website. Stand out by choosing Kingdom Marketing Associates.

Improve your Search Traffic

We pride ourselves in ensuring that you are an authority in your field through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We discuss your target market and carefully research the proper Keyword Themes to use to get you into the first page of Google and other search engines.

3rd Party Integrations Included

Receive the proper Analytic tools and reporting to optimize your website. We install Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Search Console, and anything else that may land your more exposure. We love data, because the data helps us help you.

Payment Plans Available

Don’t have all the capital for your website? Don’t worry. We offer payment plans that split the cost over a span of 3-6 months so you can get up and running fast. We work with you so you can get to work.

Lead Pop-ups

Lead Pop-ups are short, customizable messages that appear on any section of your website. 

You can offer free resources like blogs or guides in exchange for a visitor’s email address. And once you get that email address, you’re in business! 

Optimize your Ads

Facebook Ad Leads

Let us manage and create your Ads for you. We create the copy, the graphic assets, and strategize based on your target market and offer to effectively run your campaign.

A/B Split Testing

It’s not enough to simply run an ad and see if it works. We strategically create a campaign with multiple ads and monitor their effectiveness so that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Bi-Weekly Reporting

Don’t just let your campaign run without monitoring it! We send you reports on how your campaign is doing and we optimize it for you.

Receive Text Messages per Lead

For every lead you acquire on your Facebook Ad, you’ll receive an email with their information and a text message so that you can get to work in converting them into a paying customer.

Value-driven content

Social Media Management

The best way to gain leads for your brand without having to pay for them is through Social Media. Producing value-driven content at least 12 times a month is a sure fire way to stay ahead of your competitors and gain a following that converts to leads. We’ll do this for you and manage your social media so you can focus on working your leads.

16 Posts per Month on 2 Platforms

We’ll post 16 times a month for you and craft the copy, graphic, and call to action for your Facebook and Instagram business pages.

Engaging with your Followers

Whether it’s comments or messages, we engage with your followers so you don’t have to. Now if they’re ready to move into the next step as part of the customer journey, we’ll notify you.

Grow Organic Traffic

We focus on building your Social Media Presence through organic growth by producing value-driven content and not just service-driven content.

Effective Messaging

Email Campaigns

Don’t worry about coming up with email templates to send to your mail list. We’ll create 4 emails with 4 graphical assets of your liking and schedule out the email campaigns for you.

Copy that Converts

We’ll write up 4 emails to be sent weekly for the month. We stay true to your brand and create content that is unique to you.

Graphical Assets Included

We’ll create 4 graphics for you that go along with each email. Feel free to use them as you desire after they’re used in the emails!

Scheduling For You

We manage your scheduling so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Detailed Services


For additional information on our services, please download our Detailed Services Package.

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